Physical Transformation

The Physical: The physical manifests as the gross body and consists of a physical consciousness which is a part of the universal physical consciousness and moved by it. The physical being is an instrument the expression of the soul in the physical world. Even in the material frame of the body, which is full of obscurities and impurities, there dwells a Spark of the Divine.

In this investiture of fleshly life

A soul that is a spark of God survives

And sometimes it breaks through the sordid screen

And kindles a fire that makes us half-divine.

In our body’s cells there sits a hidden Power

That sees the unseen and plans eternity,

Our smallest parts have room for deepest needs;


No Divine Life is possible on Earth without transformation of the Physical.

We must acknowledge the fact that our body is not the final finished product in existence. It can be moulded, changed, as per our own wishes. We have seen it in our own cases, how we can add the weight or reduce the weight by few days of gymming n exercise. It shows that physical is first visible part of our being, which shows first direct sign of Evolution with our little bit of practice, or focus on improvement of some area. We can completely change its half-animal and half-human inconscient being to a fully conscious product with proper training n rigorous regimen.

Before we discuss about the process of transformation of the Physical, I would like to mention a bit about Sri Aurobindo’s Vision about this Divine Life on a Divine Body. Because we all must know our Goal of existence, where we should head in future ultimately after many lives. The very reason of our existence at a Physical Level is to achieve a Divine Body in Supramental plane, which must be our goal, the goal of our Physical being. As Sri Aurobindo mentions the Divine Body will have 4 aspects, which will happen to Supramental being after many lives:

Luminous: It will be a body of Light with no blood, skin, or bones. Many redundant organs will disappear. Various centres will open to receive the Forces. It will not need food or water. It will not need to speak, whatever required, the message will be communicated through us.

Lightness: It will be able to fly.

Plasticity: Not be vulnerable to any touch or any attack of any external agent, even bullets.

Adaptability: It can expand or reduce the size and fit in anywhere it likes.

The Mother says normal human being can see this person. This body can be projected at 12 different places at the same time doing different work in the new creation.

There will be two types of beings:

· Superman: Out of the present physical body, it will evolve into a Divine body.

· Supramental Being: Takes Divine body directly, without undergoing physical birth, with no animal qualities. These beings leading a collective life will form a Gnostic Community.

The Divine bodies will not be prone to Old age, disease and decay or death.

Since the descent of Supramental Consciousness from Sri Aurobindo into subtle physical level, The Mother says Time has come to realise this NOW at Physical Level. At physical level we can start realising this. The Mother says it will take 300 years for the creation of Supramental being to take shape on Earth. She says “Well, there is a change. It is no more the same body. You must know that even before the total change comes, a change will come in the body.” Amongst us, who have the slightest inner contact with the Supermind, will feel the change in your life, in our vocation. If we do not feel it, there is something wrong with us. Somewhere we have closed the window to the Descent which the Mother has brought down for the benefit of all. The Mother also says, if it is 300 years with a body that goes on perfecting itself.

The Physical Immortality should be our Highest ideal we must live with at an inner destination.

If each year that passes represents a progress, a transformation, this will enable us to realise it now. In order to check every year, we must check every month and every day, in order to check every day, we must check every moment. We must plan our day carefully. It won’t happen overnight, it will take many many years and births, so we need not be depressed at all.

Two things we must realise before we start our Sadhana.

1. Transformation will come majorly through a Descent from Above, not by human effort.

2. Make the Cells of the body conscious, cohesive around a Centre, by transforming our human will and human thought.

The first step to attain this Divine Life with a Divine Body is to want it, and that should be our sole reason for our existence. Second is to reject all inner and outer obstacles from the Path. We must eliminate all that contradicts, all that wastes our time. Once we take the decision, we must aspire it sincerely with The Mother’s Beautiful Prayer for transformation of the Body:

Lord Supreme, Take possession of this body, Manifest Thyself in it.

We already discussed four requisites or aids for our Sadhana:

Guru, Shastra, Kala and Utsaha.

We already have a Divine as our Guru. All his books are Shastra for us. We are living in the Hour of God, if we miss this Present Time, Present Moment, we will miss it for many many years of our transformation. Finally, the Utsaha, the inner enthusiasm for the Divine. We must always ask ourselves, our Vyakulata for the Divine must never end. Our Determination to reach the Divine must never end. We must always ask Him for the transformation of Life, in all sincerity.

He is everywhere, in each cell of our body, mind, vital. He is always ready to guide us.

How to make each cells of our body Conscious and transform it?

1. Mantra Japa. Each cell of our body must vibrate with OM, OM and OM or Ma Ma Ma. Awakening of cells with this Supreme Sound is absolutely essential.

Meditation: It should be two-fold. We must keep The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in our heart centre and we must keep ourselves in the heart of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, just like Hanuman. It must be Dynamic meditation and Collective Meditation. Collective meditation

1. with the family can transform the entire surrounding at one go. The Mother once said: If 12 sincere people get together, and aspire for the Divine, the Divine will manifest Himself.

2. Asanas, pranayams and Exercise can make our body more conscious and subtle and flexible. We should always do these by first opening to the Higher Force. Each action of ours must be a means to make our body Conscious.

3. Step Back: We must step back before our action, before we start any Karma Yoga. We should put ourselves in the Divine Consciousness and do any work, even minutest little work. We must plan our life well. We should plan specific Time for work, for food, exercise, and for rest.

4. Food: Eat in absolute silence, without any disturbing thoughts or emotions. Pray to the Mother: O my sweet Lord, Supreme Truth, I aspire that this food which I am assimilating infuses in all cells of my body, Your omniscience, Your Omnipotence.

We must eat with a Surrender bhaav, as if we Offer the Divine Presence in the Body to the Divine Presence in us.

5. Speech: We must make a decision that until Divine wants to speak through us, we must not open our mouth. These days we waste our precious time by expressing ourselves in social media. All these undivine expressions which delink us from the Divine must end. Also we should stop avoiding those media which lower our consciousness, which are major sources of falsehood: Newspapers, TV, Movies, and now a days FB and WhatsApp.

6. Health and illness: There is only one disease in our body: Lack of Consciousness.

The Mother says: Whenever there is an illness in the body, there is disharmony in the body. If we can put that afflicted part with the Divine Consciousness, we can establish the Harmony. Our aim should be complete independence from illness. Sri Aurobindo says: if you can become conscious of this environmental self of yours, then you can catch the thought, passion, suggestion or force of illness and prevent it from entering into you.

7. Brahmacharya: Sexual indulgence is one the greatest obstacles to the transformation of the body. We must eliminate the thoughts emotions, impulses concerning the sex with the Help of the Light from the Supreme.

Death: Fear of Death and Fate always haunt us in life. The Mother says: The Destiny can be changed if you put yourself under the Divine Law. Not only sickness, but destiny and death can be changed. To conquer fear of Death, she mentioned: Consciously take your subtle-physical — your astral body — out of the physical body, act in the world and return. Thus you would have already experienced death without actually undergoing it physically and this will remove the fear of death. As Satprem mentions: “The subtle physical is simply part of our integral development, preparing us for the day when we leave our body for a longer period in what men ignorantly call “death”. A disciple explains one day his journey in the subtle physical and returning to his original body with the remembrance of The Mother. We are meant to conquer all and live all our dreams, for it is the Spirit that dreams in us. The first of these dreams is perhaps to be able to sail out in the open, free from the body and from borders. Then we no longer need a passport, we are stateless, heirs to all the nations of the world, with no need of a rubber stamp. We enjoy a delightful freedom and expansion of life: “O Vastness,… “ says the Rig Veda.”

As mentioned by Sri Aurobindo in Savitri:

I bow not to thee, O huge mask of Death,

Death is a passage, not the goal of our walk.

Our death is made a passage to new worlds.

Death is our road to immortality.

Immortality assured itself by death.

His death is a beginning of greater life,
Death is the spirit’s opportunity.

Our being must move eternally through Time;

Death helps us not, vain is the hope to cease.

1. Victory over senses: Matter is the field of greatest spiritual difficulty and also the victory. We need to cut off our dependence on our senses, this habit of our mind to be influenced by them and later on making the body to act. For satisfaction of the sense of a 2 cm tongue, 60 meter alimental canal is impacted for no fault of theirs.

Source: Adventure of Consciousness (Satprem)

A Divine Life in a Divine Body (Navajata)


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