For ordinary social life, game of “sincerity” can be played with/among humans easily. In our school life, when we pass from a high school, the school issues a Conduct certificate along with School leaving certificate. The Conduct certificate declares that a student is obedient, hardworking, and sincere. It is quite easy to get a Sincerity badge while living in a society, for example, from a school, or from a parent/ a friend /a spouse/ an employer etc. …

Pathachakra (Satsang or Study Circle) is a collective study of Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s Books by a group of aspirants.

Pathachakra is a

❖ Collective Shakti.

❖ Collective Harmony.

❖ Yagnya of Purification.

❖ Journey of Self-Discovery.

❖ Journey of Collective Discipline and Adventure to unknown territories.

Pathachakra is an

▪ Agni — A Fire of Collective Aspiration to purify us.

▪ Ananda — that inundates every cell and tissue of our being.

▪ Action — small at ground level but with far-reaching consequences for humanity.

▪ Attempt — although small, but a big promise for the future.

▪ Effort…

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Savitri:

- It does not matter if you do not understand it, but read it

always. You will see that every time you read it there will be

something new revealed to you.

- I assure you there is nothing under the blue sky to compare

with Savitri. It is the mystery of mysteries.

- It is the super-epic, it is super-literature, super-poetry, supervision.

- it is a super-work even if one considers the number of

lines he has written. No these human words are not adequate

to describe Savitri.

- I tell you…

Today (4.4.2021) is the 111th anniversary of Lord Sri Aurobindo’s arrival in Pondicherry.

🌷 The journey to Pondicherry 🌷

🦋 Departure to Chandernagore 🦋

🌸 Facts of departure 🌸

These are the facts of that departure. I was in the Karmayogin office when I received word, on information given by a high-placed police official, that the office would be searched the next day and myself arrested. (The office was in fact searched but no warrant was produced against me; I heard nothing more of it till the [Karmayogin Sedition] case was started against the paper later on, but by then…

ALL IN us that is not wholly consecrated to the Divinity within is in the possession, by fragments, of the whole entirety of things that encompass us and act upon what we improperly call “ourselves”, whether through the intermediary of our senses or directly on the mind by suggestion.

The only way to become a conscious being, to be oneself, is to unite with the divine Self that is in all. For that, we must, by the aid of concentration, isolate ourselves from external influences.

When you are one with the Divinity within, you are one with all things in…

GENTLEMEN, today I will speak a few words on the Gita. The main object of that philosophy is found in the Vedanta, which is the basis of Hindu thought and life, and according to the Vedanta, life is dominated by maya or avidya. We are driven into action because we are ignorant of our true selves, of the true nature of the world. We identify ourselves with our bodies, our desires, our sorrows,and not our spirits. We lose ourselves in our happiness, griefs and pleasures. By these motives we are driven into action. This life is a chain of bondage…

Religion is the first attempt of man to get beyond himself and beyond the obvious and material facts of his existence.


Religion provides a framework for ethical behaviour, and links it to supernatural entities such as God and celestial creatures, and mysterious phenomena such as life after death. Every religion has four basic components.

  • The first and foremost of these is an underlying spiritual philosophy. Spiritual philosophy defines the relationship of the individual with the Creator and His creation. With respect to the spiritual philosophy, there is a great deal of similarity between religions.
  • The second

Education to be complete must have five principal aspects relating to the five principal activities of the human being: the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual. — THE MOTHER.

It is widely accepted, at least in principle, that education should address not just the mind but also the body. In practice, however, the body is generally neglected because ‘time is not enough to cover the syllabus’, and we do a rather poor job of educating even the mind. But even the best education of the body and the mind is still incomplete education. Complete education, or…

By Sri Aurobindo.

What is Nationalism? Nationalism is not a mere political programme; Nationalism is a religion that has come from God; Nationalism is a creed in which you shall have to live. Let no man dare to call himself a Nationalist if he does so merely with a sort of intellectual pride, thinking that he is more patriotic, thinking that he is something higher than those who do not call themselves by that name. If you are going to be a Nationalist, if you are going to assent to this religion of Nationalism, you must do it in the…

by Nolini Kanta Gupta

This is an English translation of a Bengali article entitled “Manush Bhajan” by Nolini Kanta Gupta (1889–1984) who was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo (see bio on wikipedia). Sri Aurobindo once remarked, “If Nolini does not understand my Yoga, who does”. The translation of this article was done by Satadal and originally published by Maya Chattopadhyay of the “Sri Aurobindo Sthan” in Kolkata.

To Love Man (Manush Bhajan) — Nolini Kanta Gupta


All of you are seeking after the Divine. Very good, I have nothing to object about it. Rather I appreciate your effort and say: Bravo! Because, after all very few among the…

Sanjeev Patra

Believer in Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga and His Vision of Universal Unity and Supramental Consciousness. “Man is not final, He is just an intermediate being”.

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